Receiver Bending

Bending your own receiver is one way to build a Kalashnikov rifle or pistol

Things to consider when bending your own flat receiver


Tools Needed to Bend an AK Receiver Flat


 If you really want to build the whole gun yourself you’ll want to know how to bend the receiver from a flat. Using bending tools or a custom made jigs (fixture). Start with a standard flat receiver

    Bends the new receiver into shape with a AK Flat Bending Tool and an inexpensive press. After pressing the basic shape the rails are bent over with a hammer and soft metal block. The trigger pin holes are also attended too after bending.

Most flat bending tooling will attach the center part of the tool to the flat with bolts


Then the tool attached to the flat is pressed into the “cavity part” of the bending toolFolding-001 then, depending on the flat, the rails are bent over the center part of the bending tool