Choose a Parts Kit

There are many AK47 parts kits out there for sale, deciding which to buy can be a tough choice. First consider what type of finished rifle you would like to end up with. After that things to look for are quality of parts, matching numbers on the parts which indicates the parts kit was once a complete rifle not just spare parts thrown together. The best way in our opinion to ensure you are buying a quality kit is to do some research first, then buy the kit in person so you can inspect the barrel, bolt and other parts for use and age. Many of the Romanian AK47 parts kits (which are among the least expensive and of high quality) are dated so you can easily determine the age of the original rifle.

Most complete kits come in the same plastic bag they used when they disassembled the AK47 originally. If your parts kit comes in a box or just loose parts, be extra careful to ensure your kit is made up of parts from one AK47 and not just spare parts from past builds, collections, etc.

Also keep in mind the laws in your city, county, state and country. Make sure it is legal or you to build your AK47. Learn what parts are OK and which are not. For example, the full auto trigger group included with many kits is not legal anywhere in the US to use for building. In addition you’ll need to use 25% US made parts on your complete rifle.

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Taking apart the AK47 Parts Kit

Now that you’ve chosen a good kit, and are ready to start on your AK47 build, you’ll need to remove some parts from many of the AK47 parts kits available today. Some kits have these steps done for you, some kits were never made into rifles and these steps wouldn’t be required.

First remove all the parts from the bag your kit came in. Look over the parts for defects, areas worn from use, or missing parts. Remove the full auto trigger parts that wouldn’t be legal to use for your build.

Egyptian AK47 Parts Kit