AK47 Stocks

The various AK47 stocks head to head to see the small details

Kalashnikov Stock Parts
AK47, AKM, AK74

  • Rear Trunion / Stock Screws
  • AK47 Thumbhole Stocks *
  • AK47 Wood Stocks *
  • AK47 Metal Stocks *
  • AK74 Fixed Plastic Stocks *
  • AK47 Folding Stocks *
  • Sling Loop / Screws

The AK47 Stock is a 922r Part

Are these AK47 stocks for sale? – Yes they are for sale somewhere for sure,
but not here this is an AK47review, an AK47 buyers guide, not an AK47 parts catalog. Check out our website sponsors to buy AK47 parts